I Need Your Vote!

span class=”Apple-style-span”span class=”Apple-style-span” style=”line-height: 14px; “What do I want for Christmas this year? Your “like.” Seriously. I entered a writing contest in which I had to make up a fake Christmas movie and then write a review of said movie. The winner gets a movie poster of their movie, money, and some other crap. I should mention that my movie stars Dolph Lundgren, so if you want to see this glorious bastard on a movie poster, please “like” it! The three entries with the most /spanFacebook “likes” automatically get added to the shortlist. And if you’re in the spirit of giving and want to give (see what I did there?) this link to a friend so they can vote, I’d be much obliged. Thanks!/spandivspan class=”Apple-style-span”br //span/divdivspan class=”Apple-style-span”a href=”http://bestforfilm.com/community/vote-for-badass-santa-2-0/”Click Here/a to vote. /span/divdivspan class=”Apple-style-span”br //span/divdivspan class=”Apple-style-span”P.S. If I win, you can bet your sweet bippy I will post pictures of the movie poster. It will be glorious. /span/div

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