Simple Acts

Yesterday, as a co-worker and I were waiting to pick up the food we ordered from a restaurant on campus, two students hauling a bucket of red carnations walked up, presented a flower to each restaurant worker and said simply, “We appreciate what you do.” The impact this simple gesture had on the restaurant workers was beautiful. Faces lit up, smiles appeared, and the workers went about their jobs with a little more pep in their steps. I watched as one girl smelled her flower and then told her co-worker, “They appreciate what I do!” Considering that they are in the business of serving meals to hungry college students, this is probably a sentiment they don’t hear a lot. divbr //divdivI think we underestimate how powerful simple acts of kindness can be. As evidenced by what I witnessed yesterday, you don’t need to make a grand gesture or spend a lot of money (or any money at all, really) to make a positive impact on someone. A heart-felt, “thank you,” or, “I appreciate what you do,” or, “good job” can mean just as much, or even more, than an expensive gift. Seeing those two students with their carnations and kind words challenged me. Lent is right around the corner, so I think this year, in lieu of giving something up, I’m going to give simple acts of kindness and words of appreciation. /div

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