Let’s See How Many I Times I Can Cram the Words, “Richard Lewis” Into This Post


Judging by my dreams, I’m convinced that when I go to sleep, my brain sees it as a free pass to to go hog-wild and do all kinds of crazy shit. Apparently last night, it wanted to hang out with Richard Lewis (1!), and so I was treated to the following: br /div/divbr /divRichard Lewis (2!), my friend Ali and I were all getting ready to go somewhere, and Richard Lewis (3!) and I were dating. My friend Ali was in this very New York-looking outfit: black slacks, black turtleneck shirt, and a long black coat, and she was wondering what to accessorize with it./divbr /div/divbr /divBeing a smartass, I tell her, “If you added a scarf, you’d look just like Richard Lewis (4!)!” Richard Lewis (5!) then shoots me a look, clearly not amused, and it hits me: I just made fun of Richard Lewis (6!) emin front of /emRichard Lewis (7!) Trying to rectify the situation, I go over to him, playfully tug on his scarf and say, “But you look good.” (Sidenote: He, too, is wearing black pants, a black turtleneck, a black coat, and a black scarf.) He’s not quite appeased, but he lets it go. Ali disappears then comes back wearing the same outfit except she ditched the coat and put on a Native American poncho instead. /divbr /div/divbr /divThen, I woke up. /divbr /div/divbr /divDon’t ask. I do not know what Richard Lewis (8!) was doing in my subconscious. Like I said: apparently my brain wanted to hang out with him while I was asleep. It’s like a high school kid who has the house to himself the whole weekend sans parental units and decides to GET FUCKIN’ CRAZY. /divbr /div/divbr /divRichard Lewis (9!) wasn’t harmed in the making of this dream. /divbr /div/divbr /divstrong/strong/divbr /divstrongTotal Richard Lewis Count: 9 (10 if you include the title, 11 if you include this line)/strong/divbr /divstrong/strong/divbr /divstrong/strong/divimg style=”TEXT-ALIGN: center; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; WIDTH: 225px; DISPLAY: block; HEIGHT: 225px; CURSOR: hand” id=”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5592905134416171506″ border=”0″ alt=”” src=”http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-PCt_po6Ct5E/TZ39lldVkfI/AAAAAAAAAhw/h_QAYqLjzvA/s320/richard-lewis-sized.jpg” / br /divstrong/strong/divbr /divstrong/strong/div

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