[these are my confessions]


Oh no I did not just reference an Usher song! (Yes. Yes, I did.) Yesterday, I went to confession for the first time in three and-a-half years. I was a little terrified. Confession is something I haven’t gotten fully comfortable with (yet) since I came into the Church. Honestly, sometimes I wish this was something Catholics were a little more Protestant about. It’s a heck of a lot easier to be with God alone in your room and ask for forgiveness that way than actually saying out loud all the crap you’ve done to a priest. It’s intimidating! However, I understand why the Church does it the way it does, and I want to fully practice all aspects of my faith, so yesterday I sucked it up and went. And you know what? It was awesome.
One of the things that the priest told me after I finished confessing was that it’s so easy for humans to see the flaws and shortcomings in other humans and to hold those things against them. But God sees those flaws and shortcomings and not only loves us anyway, but forgives us entirely. I am so grateful for that, and one of the things I’m going to be more conscientious about is keeping that in mind in my interactions with other people. I want to strive to come from a place of love instead of a place of judgement.

My penance was also fitting for this recommitting to my faith: spending time alone with the Lord, and learning to fall in love with Him all over again. Beautiful.

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  1. Arleen Spenceley says:

    I love it. Back in 2006, I hadn#39;t been to confession in at least a couple of years. I finally went one day. When I told the priest how long it had been, he said two words I#39;ll never forget:br /br /quot;Welcome home.quot;br /br /And, fun fact: he happened to be the priest with whom I went to confession for the first time ever when I was in second grade (which was 12 years earlier). It was a great experience.


  2. SVB says:

    That#39;s awesome!


  3. […] reference FTW! Anyway, if you know me or have read this post, you know that I have a hard time with confession. Please don’t misunderstand this as me […]


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