[what is my passion?]


Earlier this evening (and when I say earlier, I mean, like, half an hour ago),  Arleen and I were talking about the things that stood out to us while we were doing our devotionals. The one I did was from Sacred Space online, and the passage was from Matthew 19:27-29. I won’t type it all out here, but basically it’s about Peter saying to Jesus, “Look, we gave up everything to follow you. What’s in it for us?” Jesus responded by saying that the 12 (disciples) would sit on thrones next to Jesus during the “renewal of all things” and judge the 12 tribes of Israel. Everyone else who gave up everything to follow him would receive so much more in return, including eternal life. The phrase, “renewal of all things” stood out to me, and the Sacred Space guide said that it’s kind of asking us to always think of where life is at the present moment. Things that seem incomplete or failing to us are alive to God.
I’ve had this urge for years now to do some sort of volunteer work. The problem is, I don’t know what to do. All I know is that I’d like do something locally. Arleen pointed out that there is a crap-load of places where I could volunteer in the Bay Area, and she’s right; I just don’t know what my passion is. What issue affects me the most? I keep going back to homelessness, but I don’t know if it’s because my brain is seizing on that because it’s an obvious choice (“Hey, homeless people! They always need help!”) or if it’s a genuine calling. This is something that, as of right now, is an unfinished sentence. It’s incomplete.

The guide suggested that after reading the passage, I should picture Jesus sitting next to me and I should tell him how I feel, what my thoughts are. So I did. I told him what I just told you: that I want to do some sort of volunteer work, but I don’t know what. I asked him to show me.

Aaaaannnndddd…nothing. Not yet, anyway. It’s alive to him, however. I just hope he lets me in on the plan soon. And I hope I’m smart enough to recognize it when he does.

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  1. SVB says:

    You know I how do, boo. 🙂


  2. Arleen Spenceley says:

    YESH. So much link love on this blog. I appreciate it!


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