[weekend slacker]

Last weekend, I slacked off big time. I didn’t do any of my devotionals. I was scheduled to volunteer, but didn’t go. I skipped Mass. Flaking out on my volunteer duties was due to the fact that I stayed out late the night before (discovered a bar down the street from me that served $6 beer liters, holla!); the rest was a mixture of a weekend funk and my own laziness.
I can’t explain the funk. I don’t know where it came from, or why I felt the way I did. My life had been going along pretty steadily, no drama or big, unexpected life events. Money was a little tight, but it wasn’t anything crazy. I had enough to pay bills and buy food. I just felt sad. Worn down. I had very little desire to interact with other people. I spent the entire weekend holed up in my apartment, watching Netflix and shows that I had recorded. I completely neglected everything else.

I’m coming out of my doldrums, but I hope the next time a funk hits, I won’t let it affect my spiritual life. I’ve found in the past that when I’ve gone to Mass or read the Bible when I was in a crappy mood, it’s helped, either by speaking to me in a profound way or just by providing a sense of comfort.

What do you do when you find yourself in a funk?

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