[so i could have handled it a little better]

For the past few days, I’ve been engaging in dialogue in the comments section of a magazine article and a Calvinist pastor’s blog post, respectively. In both conversations, the topic of Catholicism was brought up, and in both conversations, there were those few Protestants who presented common misconceptions of the Catholic Church as gospel, some going as far as saying that Catholic doctrine wasn’t of the Lord. Of course, I responded with what we REALLY believe, and linked to several articles that backed up what I said, naively thinking that while they may not agree with me, maybe they could see where I was coming from. Or at least admit they were wrong (concerning what they thought they understood about Catholic beliefs). When that was not the response I received and more dialogue was exchanged, I lost my patience, and it became less about gently correcting misunderstandings that these Protestant brothers and sisters had and more about, “OMG YOU ARE SO WRONG AND I WILL KEEP DEBATING THIS TOPIC UNTIL YOU STOP COMMENTING BECAUSE I AM RIGHT AND DESERVE TO HAVE THE LAST SAY AND YOU ARE WRONG IN YOUR WRONGNESS!!!” The tone in my comments on the magazine article did start to reflect these feelings; they were not reflected in the comments on the blog post, but the mindset was still there. In both instances, Catholicism idid/inbsp;have the last say, but that sweet victory wasn’t without a little guilt. Guilt that I had let an online discussion get to me (which I have always thought was dumb) and guilt that my reasoning for continuing to engage in those dialogues was more about pride than about education.
It’s always humbling when God so clearly shows you an area in which you need work, but I’m glad He showed it to me. And bonus: all that debate allowed me to learn a little more about my own faith! Bring it on, Protestants! (Joke. Totally working on the pride, needing-to-be-right-all-the-time thing.)

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