[bay area eats: yogurtology]

I’ve been a fan of Pinkberry ever since it opened at Westshore Plaza. I loved the variety of fresh ingredients, friendly staff, and different flavors. Pinkberry is still my go-to frozen yogurt place–when I’m at Westshore Plaza. But for all those other times I get a fro-yo craving but don’t feel like dealing with mall parking or mall crowds, I have a new go-to place: Yogurtology
Located in a strip plaza on Church Ave., Yogurtology is unassuming. I was guilty of driving by on multiple occasions, but never stopping in (until a few weeks ago). I wish I would have visited sooner, because the place has an amazing variety of flavors (twelve!) and toppings (60!).

Yogurtology is self-serve, meaning you grab an empty cup and fill it up with whatever you want. Flavors ranging from Salted Caramel to Red Velvet to (my personal favorite) plain ol’ Tart Nouveau are at your disposal, creating the temptation to mix-and-match. After you select your flavor(s), you can then select from toppings ranging the gamut from mango boba beads to mini donuts to fresh fruit to Twix and Kit-Kat bars. You do pay by the weight of your frozen treat, but unless you go crazy and attempt to shove all 60 toppings into your cup, you shouldn’t pay much more than you would for a yogurt at one of those flat-rate places (lookin’ at you, Pinkberry!).

Bonus: the friendly staff works hard to keep the place clean and sanitary. On every single one of my visits, workers were vigilant in vacuuming up stray toppings and making sure each topping had its own serving spoon/tongs. The floor and tables are mopped and wiped down as well, and the food itself looks and tastes fresh–never like it’s been setting out for days on end. 
It’s definitely worth it to give Yogurtology a try. If you can’t find anything there to satisfy your frozen yogurt craving, then you are way too picky. 
1202 S. Church Ave., Suite C
Tampa, FL 33629

11a.m.-10p.m. Sunday thru Thursday
11a.m.-11p.m. Friday & Saturday

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