Sometimes, I get afraid I’m turning into one of those crazy dog owners. You know the type: the ones that insist their pups prefer a certain brand of dog food, who treat their dogs like they’re close, personal friends instead of a pet. I do tend to bring up Ava a lot in conversation, and she even has her own Twitter account. However, once in awhile, I will catch of glimpse of people who have truly gone off the deep end, which makes me look like I’m still paddling safely in the shallows. Like this:

That there is a dog wedding. People actually dress up Spot and Fido in a wedding dress and groom garb, and HAVE AN HONEST-TO-GOD WEDDING CEREMONY like it ain’t no thang. Like it’s completely normal for two dogs to get married and for the union to be valid. There was a TV special about this phenomenon a few weeks ago, and it said that people pay thousands for these types of ceremonies.
There’s so much I could write on this. So many jokes. So much snark. But it’s too easy. So I’ll just say that I no longer feel so wackadoo about my dog having her own Twitter account. 
America, you are ridiculous. Don’t go changin’.

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