I was going to wait until next weekend, when I actually register, to post this, but I’m so excited (and I just can’t hide it), so what the hell:

This will totally be me:

If you would have told me a month and a half ago that I’d get into running and even do a 5K, I’d be like:

And if you would have told me that I’d voluntarily do a goddamn HALF MARATHON, I’d be all:

I blame Kristina. If she hadn’t told me about that coffee-themed race (which is why I started running in the first place, FYI–I love coffee that much), then I never would have discovered that I actually like running, and I never would have gotten addicted to the sport. But I guess being addicted to a healthy activity is better than being addicted to crack, so thanks, Kristina, for not introducing me to crack.

Also, I’m down for any race that encourages running in tutus and tiaras:

My goal for next year, if I can swing it, is to do the Coast to Coast Race Challenge, running both the Princess Half Marathon at Disney World and the Disneyland Half Marathon next Fall. Either way, I am definitely doing the Princess Half; things have serendipitously fallen into place, and it would be crazy not to take advantage of this opportunity. Who knows when it’ll present itself again?

I’m also curious to find out what this Disney adventure holds for me. If you know me, or have read this blog for some time, then you know that Disney and I have an…interesting relationship. Pretty much Disney has been a complete asshole my last two visits. I know you’re all, “Disney?! An asshole?! Is that even possible?!” and the answer is yes, my friends, because even theme parks have off days. My first visit since I was four saw me throwing up in the Magic Kingdom parking lot. Not so magical. The visit after that, I got stuck on a ride and other shit broke down. So who knows what will happen this time! A broken femur? A case of malaria? The anticipation is killing me!

I guess this princess will just have to strap on her running shoes, start her training, and hope for the best. Anybody else going? Let’s meet up at the race!

UPDATE: I am officially registered and the hotel is booked. Shit just got real, y’all.


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