[beauty junk, vol. 1]

I have become something of a beauty product junky recently. The hair portion of this obsession I give credit to my co-worker Michelle, who advised me on how to make my naturally wavy hair not look like such a hot mess. The makeup portion I give credit to Kristina. While waiting in line at H&M last week, she turned to me and asked, “Do you know anything about makeup?”
I thought for a moment. “No,” I said.

It was true. I’ve been wearing makeup since I was 14, but I’m nowhere near an expert. Because I had such bad skin growing up, I looked at makeup as something that was primarily a zit cover-up. Sure, I went through periods where I wore eye shadow or colored lip gloss, but my beauty routine for the past 15 years has pretty much been the same: foundation, blush, powder, and mascara. I never really bothered looking at makeup as something that was fun, and never really experimented with different looks or techniques. Kristina admitted she didn’t know much about makeup either, so we decided to embark on a beauty journey: try different looks and products, and commiserate. Even in such a short period of time, it’s become an obsession for me, and within the past few days, inspired by the beauty blogs and tutorials we’ve been sharing, I’ve gone a bit crazy with buying products.

(Side note: while I did buy quite a few products, I haven’t broken the bank. I am a baller on a budget, and I like coupons. While there are higher-end cosmetics that are good quality and work amazingly well [lookin’ at you, MAC], I believe that you can find similar products that work just as well for less. For the most part, anyway. There are exceptions. Okay, back to your regularly scheduled blogging.)

Here’s a round-up of what I bought in the last few days:

beauty junk

Here’s what we have, l-r top row:

-Garnier Fructis Brilliantine Shine Glossing Spray

-Garnier Fructis  Volumizing Anti-Humidity Hairspray

-Jergens Natural Glow +Firming Daily Moisturizer for fair to medium skin tones

-Victoria’s Secret So Sexy Clean & Go Dry Shampoo

-Victoria’s Secret Face Prime Makeup Primer & Setting Spray

Middle row, l-r:

-Victoria’s Secret Lash Lust Volume Definition Mascara in Blackest Black

-Maybelline Master Shape brow pencil in soft brown

NYX Matte Lipstick in Perfect Red (I did not buy this one, Kristina gifted it to me for Christmas)

-NYX Lip Liner Pencil in Hot Red

-Maybelline Lip Liner Pencil in Plum

-Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting 2-in-1 Bronzer & Blush in Bronze/Natural

Bottom row: Lipsmackers three-pack gloss and lip balm in the Dr. Pepper flavor

Garnier Fructis

I love Garnier Fructis. Even though I enjoy trying different hair products, I find myself coming back to this brand again and again. I feel like it works the best for my hair, which is long, thick, and prone to frizz. So far I really like the hairspray, although I need to look up a tutorial on the best way to apply it. I feel like it can perform so much better than what it’s currently doing, but I think that’s user error and not product error. However, I can already see that it volumizes and holds really well–I worked a side part for my company’s Christmas party, and my hair stayed put all night. And it doesn’t weigh your hair down or make you look like you have hairspray head. I also really like the shine spray. It lives up to its name and helps to cut down on frizz. And, bonus–it helps define my waves even more.

Jergens Natural Glow:

I bought this because I wore a white cocktail dress to my company’s Christmas party and didn’t want to look washed-out (I have pale fair skin). This lotion was attractive to me because it provided the benefits of a self-tanner without having to go through the ordeal of using a self-tanner. Just use in place of your daily body lotion, and you’ll be a bronzed goddess within a week. Easy! Eh, not so much. Even though I applied this product as carefully as possible, taking care not to use too much in tricky spots like the knees, elbows, and ankles, the color still came out unevenly. One of my legs was actually darker than the other, and on my feet, forget it–the color was blotchy, especially around the ankles. My arms turned out pretty well, although the color stops at my wrists, so my hands are still my natural skin color. However, none of these blunders are that noticeable, and with the low lighting at the Christmas party, you couldn’t tell at all:

While this product isn’t all that bad if you need color in a quick pinch, I’d probably just go in for a spray tan next time.

Victoria’s Secret So Sexy Dry Shampoo:

Not bad! Works like a gem at removing the oil and build-up on my hair and leaves a nice, clean (yet not over-powering) scent. The only thing I’m not too crazy about is that my hair does get a bit stiff in the areas that get sprayed.

Victoria’s Secret Face Prime:

OH, HELL YES. This is the bomb dot com. Last year, I discovered the magic of primer and wondered how I had gone on for so long without it. As awesome as it was, however, it didn’t keep my makeup in place perfectly. After a few hours, my makeup still would wear off. It was better than wearing makeup without primer, but I definitely didn’t have that fresh, just-applied look going on. But this spray in conjunction with primer? PERFECTION. Your face ain’t going nowhere, baby. Best of all, you can’t even feel it. I spray it on my face straight from the bottle after I’m done applying all my makeup. It sprays out in a fine mist and dries within seconds, is unscented, and doesn’t leave your face feeling sticky or anything. BEST INVESTMENT EVER. Go out and get some. Now. Right now.

Victoria’s Secret Lash Lust mascara:

This is another product that gets an OH HELL YES. If you want high drama lashes, this is the stuff to get. It’s a four-sided brush, two sides used for applying the mascara, the other two used for defining your lashes. I wore liquid eyeliner and two coats of this baby, and it looked like I was wearing falsies. The only thing is, it’s not waterproof, so if you don’t want to chance your mascara running down your face next time you watch The Notebook, you might want to look elsewhere. I don’t care either way, and I think I found my new makeup staple. I am lovin’ the Lash Lust.

Maybelline, NYX lipliners, lipstick, brow pencil:

All products work really well, providing great color, and smooth application. The red lipstick was in the perfect shade (I’m rockin’ it in the above picture), and the brow pencil gave a nice, natural, well-groomed look.

Physicians Formula bronzer and blush:

Another great beauty investment. It was recommended as a contour color for fair-skinned ladies, and I am very pleased with the results I’ve gotten. Very natural look; the blush gives my cheeks a healthy glow, and the bronzer isn’t too dark or brassy.

Lipsmackers in Dr. Pepper flavor:

Lipsmackers. Need I say more? I wore it when I was 13, and I’m still wearing it at 29. I do what I want. ::gangster hand gestures::

If you’re still reading this, you deserve a medal. However, I don’t have a medal, so you get a slow clap:

But before I end this post for good, I will leave you with some great beauty blogs and tutorials I’ve been checking out this week:

Easy brow tutorial (Seriously–I am inept at tweezing and shaping my brows, but after following her directions, my brows came out nice, clean, and well-shaped.)

How to highlight and contour

Essie-Button (I’m pretty sure this girl has tried every beauty product ever.)

What are your beauty obsessions?

*note: i am in no way affiliated with any of these products or the companies that make them or the bloggers. i am just a girl who went crazy and bought a whole bunch of beauty shit and who enjoys reading beauty blogs and watching makeup tutorials. all opinions are my own and not influenced by the man. 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kristina says:

    Self tanner: Neutrogena Micro Mist airbrush sunless tan. Best little gold bottle out there. No lines, spray works even when the can is upside down (for weird angles), I LOVE IT! I use it when I’m in a pinch & as a base for my summer glow. Also, works like a charm in the bathing suit covered areas after a day in the sun (so you don’t walk around the house naked looking like your still wearing a “white bathing suit”).


    1. sarahvb2 says:

      Hmmm. I might be able to get over my sunless tanner intimidation if it’s really good. How easy is it to apply?


  2. monica says:

    this blog post is awesome. i love the beauty junkie series. so helpful for others too. now i’m going to buy some lash lust 🙂


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