Ah, the start of a new year. The slates are wiped clean, and resolutions are made in the hopes of making this THE YEAR. This is also the first time in which I really didn’t greet the new year with the same optimism like new years past. I didn’t greet 2013 at all, really; it just came while I was out dancing. My mentality is, the previous years didn’t bring anything particularly spectacular; why should I waste hope that this will be THE YEAR for me? The year that I will meet the love of my life? The year that I will start traveling overseas? Why bother getting psyched for something that may or may not happen?
But then again, a lot can happen in 365 days, and I already know of at least two good things that will happen this year: I will pay off the last of my credit card debt, and I will complete my first half marathon. So maybe that will be the start of more good things to come.

2013–I’m cautiously optimistic. To say the least.

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  1. Olivia says:

    I’m with you on paying the last of credit card debt. I’m tired of playing the balance transfer game and just want one less bill on my plate. We got this!


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