[my funeral & beauty junk]

Okay, before we start, I want to put this out there right now: when I die, I want a funeral like this:

Am I serious? You bet your sweet ass I am! I want my coffin to be a smoker, a guy in a chef’s hat doing my eulogy, and the symbolic dipping of the ribs in the BBQ sauce fountain (BBQ SAUCE FOUNTAIN!). I want a gospel choir singing, “Go Tell It On the Mountain” while parading giant ribs up the aisle. Because, when you think about it, funerals are pretty dry. There’s the church, and the crying, and then you go back to someone’s house to eat tasteless cucumber sandwiches and potato salad as cold as the deceased’s heart.


I want a gat-dayum BBQ-fuled palooza. You hear that? A MOTHERFUCKING PALOOZA. I’ve never been to a palooza, but from what I hear about Lollapzlooza, shiz sounds cray. And that is the type of get-together I want for my “home-going.” But not the pigs. Those little buggers are unwieldy and loud.

So let’s talk beauty junk (I don’t need no stinkin’ transitions, HA!). I thought about shortening this little series to BJ, but considering its other meaning, I figured those two little letters would attract a different sort of audience. So I’ll just keep it as “beauty junk.”

A few weeks ago, I was thumbing through my Glamour magazine and ran across a this really cryptic ad that said something like, “Oil that cleans your skin? Sounds like it wouldn’t work, but it does! See for yourself.” I was all, “WHAT?! OIL THAT CLEANS SKIN WITHOUT LEAVING IT GREASY? TRUTH IS NOT SPOKEN HERE!” Since I have oily/combo skin, I had to see for myself. So I sent off for a sample.

The product is by Japanese company DHC, which claims to have no unneccesary coloring or fragrance–anything that can irritate your skin–in its products. I got my catalog with samples earlier this week, and I must say–these products are pretty stinkin’ legit. The samples included the Deep Cleansing Oil, the Velvet Skin Coat (which is not as creepy as it sounds), the Concentrated Eye Cream, and the Extra Nighttime Moisture (which I didn’t get to try because the packet busted en route and leaked out. Whomp, whomp.).

The first product I tried was the Velvet Skin Coat, which is a makeup primer, and not something out of Silence of the Lambs. This was my favorite out of the bunch, because I LOVED the way it felt on my skin. Super light, not oily, and very soft. And it worked just as well as the primer I usually use (this one, if you’re curious). My makeup was in place and looked just as good at the end of day as in the morning, although I should also disclose that I used the Face Prime spray to set my makeup. I find that the spray, when used with a primer, is the best way to get your makeup to stay put.

I then tried the eye cream. I don’t really use eye creams, but this one moisturized really well, making the skin around my eyes really soft. I’d have to use it long-term to see how well it fades my dark circles, but just from a moisturizing perspective, it was pretty good.

Lastly, I tried the product I originally sent away for, the Deep Cleansing Oil. According to the catalog, “…our specially purified olive oil effortlessly wipes away makeup and sebum and emulsifies with water to rinse away easily, with no greasy residue.” To use it, you apply it to a dry face with dry hands and then rinse with water. I used it to take off my makeup before a run, and I have to say, I am impressed! It removed all of my makeup, leaving no trace whatsoever, and lived up to its claim of not leaving a greasy residue. My skin felt clean and soft. Definitely the best makeup remover I tried. Truth was spoken after all!

The downside to these products is that they are somewhat pricey: $28 for the cleansing oil, $35 for the eye cream, $36 for the nighttime moisture, and $22.50 for the primer. However, I could see myself splurging for the cleansing oil, because it is a quality product, I don’t currently have any makeup remover, and a little goes a long way. I am a firm believer in spending more for quality staples that actually work and then supplementing with budget-friendly items. That’s how you crush life.

Around the nets:

Olive + Oxblood (All of my darker-skinned ladies are madated to try out this look and send me pictures so I can live vicarously through you. I am too pale for this shiz.)

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner (I tried this out as well, and got excellent results. However, I had to go over one of my brushes with just the soap because it was just that dirty. ::cringe::)

Note: I am not affiliated with either DHC or either of the bloggers I’ve featured on this post. I am simply a girl who loves trying out different beauty products and finding cool things on the web to share. I didn’t get compensated for any of this shiz, y’all. These are just my unsolicited opinions. Because it’s a free country. America. Also, if you’re still reading, you get a cookie.


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  1. I am using the MAC prolong wear foundation for the summer and my skin changes as the weather gets cooler, so I am thinking of switching to another brand or formula. Any suggestions?


    1. sarahvb2 says:

      Hm, it’s tough to call as I’m not sure how your skin changes. I use Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse foundation, which provides good coverage without feeling heavy. But keep in mind I live in Florida, where the temperatures are pretty mild year-round. Hope this helps!


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