[my trashy book discovery and beauty junk round-up]

There comes a time in every woman’s life where she stumbles across something so seductive and so addictive, she can’t live her life without it. It’s her sweet escape; she spends her free time enraptured by it. She tries to escape it, but it keeps her in its clutches, always pulling her back in. I am, of course, talking about trashy paperbacks.
I feel like every woman has a “type” of trash she gravitates toward when she wants something light and entertaining to read. Some go for the Harlequins, although they never really appealed to me; too cheesy. Others go for the mystery-types, such as Mary Higgins Clark or Agatha Christie. Those didn’t capture my fancy either. In fact, for the longest time, I never had a “type,” and this made me sad. Sure, I read trashy books from time to time, like the 50 Shades series, but I never had a favorite author that was prolific in, for lack of a better term, entertaining shit. Never an author to turn to where cheap entertainment was guaranteed.

Until now.

Friends, I am proud to say I have found my “type,” and that is the wonderfully twisted world of V.C. Andrews:

Okay, I realize I am late to the V.C. Andrews party, since everybody I’ve talked to inexplicably discovered her in either childhood or the early teen years, like some kind of rite of passage I missed out on. I remember seeing her books in the grocery store paperbacks section, but when I made the transition from young adult to adult reading, I became a book snob and thought those were beneath my sophisticated literature palette. Sue me. But as they say, better late than never. I am working my way through the Dollanganger Family series (currently on Petals on the Wind), and holeeeee shizzzzz. This is the most entertaining and twisted trash I’ve ever had the privilege of reading! Sure, some of it is a bit cheesy and dramatic, but mostly it’s dark and fucked-up, and those are my favorite kinds of books. Don’t get me wrong, I like the predictable rom-com, where you know the awkward girl in the big city will eventually end up with Mr. Right (who was right under her nose the entire time), but I tend to gravitate most toward plot lines that involve broken characters and disturbing situations. Not sure what that says about me, but I think they’re fun to read. So I now feel more complete in life, for I finally found my trashy paperback soul-mate. V.C. Andrews, I think we’ll have a long and fulfilling relationship.

And now on to another of my addictions, beauty junk! Unlike in the past, these cosmetic and tip recommendations have come from my friends, because I haven’t really tried anything new. However, I do want to check out a few of the below:

Ulta brand spray self tanner

Kristina recommended this one to me. She prefers the spray because she can apply it pretty quickly. I’m assuming the color isn’t half-bad, either.

Paul Mitchell Firm Hold Hairspray

In addition to being an awesome hairspray, Monica also found out (via a Twitter tip from Mindy Kaling) that this Paul Mitchell product does double-duty as a makeup setting spray (just be sure to open your eyes immediately after spraying so your lashes don’t stick shut). I had never heard of using hairspray as a makeup setting spray, but after talking to Kristina, it’s apparently an old getting-ready-for-the-prom trick.

Olay Pro X face brush

Ladies, if you’ve been wanting to try that Clairsonic face brush but don’t have the pennies to shell out for it, my friend Meagan swears by Olay’s cheaper version (only $35, holla!). She says it leaves her skin feeling smoother, more glowing, and–most importantly–it helps clear up acne. I think the next beauty product I buy will be this brush. My skin is more or less clear, but even if it helps with those random breakouts, it would be money well-spent.

Around the ‘nets:

The Best Drugstore Makeup of All Time–makeupgeek.com (also a recommendation from Meagan, for all us beautiful ballers on a budget)

Note: I am not affiliated with any of the products, brands, or bloggers featured, nor do i receive compensation for any of this stuff. as far as i know, my friends don’t, either. We’re just a bunch of girls who love us some cosmetics. all opinions are entirely our own.



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