[how social media saved a doomed dog]

There are days where I’m just so over social media. I’ll log on, see a few Vaguebook status updates and the 523rd invite to play FarmVille (or Sorority Life, or Sims Social, or…), roll my eyes, and log off, thinking, “What is the point?” There are days where I’m convinced it’s useless, robbing us all of precious brain cells and quality time with real-life friends.
Then there are days when social media proves me wrong and shows me just how useful a tool it can really be.

I’m a member of an informal blogger social group, the Tampa Bay Blogger Gals. A fellow member shared this post on the group’s Facebook page, detailing how she and her boyfriend rescued a pit bull with an eye infection, but because of HOA restrictions, they had to take her to the Hillsborough County Animal Shelter, a low-kill local shelter. They named the dog Kissy because she was generous with the kisses, despite the fact that Megan and Gabe were complete strangers and she had been alone on I-4 for who knows how long. Unfortunately, because of her breed and her eye infection, her chances of being adopted were slim to none, and she was scheduled to be put down on Valentine’s Day unless she found a forever home before then.

Enter the rest of the Tampa Bay Blogger Gals (dun dun dun DUN!). We all immediately jumped into action, tweeting Megan’s link, sharing it on Facebook, and emailing local rescue organizations and no-kill shelters, asking for help. Finally, a tweet from Megan to Tampa Bay Traffic made its way to someone with Pet Pal Animal Shelter, who agreed to take Kissy if she wasn’t adopted.

In other words: social media saved this dog’s life.

I’ve always heard stories on the news or read in magazines how social media helped bring a certain issue or situation to light, but I’ve never witnessed it firsthand. It truly is a powerful tool, even though that power sometimes gets hidden beneath all the self-indulgent, asinine crap we humans love to spout off (myself included).

Next time I find myself getting frustrated with a long, drawn-out Facebook status or a pointless tweet, I’m going to remember this incident. Social media isn’t all bad. It gave Kissy a sweet Valentine’s Day.

P.S. Thanks to Pet Pal for taking in Kissy, and thank you to everyone who shared, re-tweeted, and emailed. Special thanks to Justin Silver with The Language of Dogs who retweeted my tweet about Kissy (can I say tweet one more time?). It’s still being spread like wildfire on Twitter (close enough). Boo, if you are ever in Tampa, hit me up for drinks, marriage, or training Ava:


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  1. Nichole C says:

    Sooo many of us shared Megan’s story and I am so happy “Kissy” will no longer be put down. I wish we could help like that with all the animals (gah, I sound like a hippie but you know what I mean)…but seriously great story. Can’t wait to see you at Miguels!


    1. sarahvb2 says:

      I do know what you mean, I wish had unlimited room and resources, because if I did, I would adopt all the death row animals! At least we were able to help one and make her Valentine’s Day a little more bright. I’m so proud of our group. 🙂
      Definitely looking forward to Miguel’s! I haven’t been since they renovated.


  2. Megan says:

    Thank you so much for sharing “Kissy’s” story. This has been a VERY emotional week. I spent the majority of it crying. Crying over dropping Kissy off, hysterical over the news I heard on Monday, tears of utter pride over the social media community in coming together to save one dog’s life….then tears of joy when I found out Pet Pal was coming to her rescue. Today, I found this story and cried again. If it weren’t for all of you out there, Kissy’s story would be drastically different.
    Thank you again,


  3. Sarah VB says:

    You’re welcome, Megan! And thank YOU and Gabe for rescuing her in the first place. It is always heart-breaking for animals in Kissy’s situation, because not all of them get that second chance. I was glad we were all able to help Kissy. Hopefully she will find her forever home in no time.


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