[random act of kindness?]

Today I went full jihad on those shin splints, because I’ll be damned if I will let them make my Disney Princess run less enjoyable. I worked too hard not to be sidelined by some whiny shins. On my lunch break, I went to Walmart to get new shoe inserts and some compression socks (both of the Dr. Scholl’s variety; I figured they would be fine to get me through the race) and tonight I am R.I.C.E.-ing those bitches up. Check out my sexy geriatric compression socks. Don’t clamor for the goods all at once, boys:

Ava wasn’t impressed:


On my way back to work, I made a quick stop at Wendy’s to grab some lunch since I hadn’t had a chance to make mine the night before (what with the botched 10K and me walking 3 miles home and all). I ordered, and when it came time to pay, the lady working the window told me a different amount than what I was told when I placed the order. I told her how much my order was supposed to be, and what I ordered, and after looking it up, she gave my card back to me and said that somebody already paid for it. She looked a little flustered, and apologized. I, on the other hand, aside from being a bit confused, was happy as a clam. A kind stranger just saved me $6.20. Boom shakalaka. I drove up to the next window, grabbed my food, and went back to work, filled with hope for humanity.

I told my office mates about the random act of kindness, and sat down to enjoy my lunch. I took a sip of my Coke–which turned out to be root beer. Not what I had ordered. So I wonder if maybe the random act of kindness was really a total stranger accidentally paying for my order, thinking it was his (or hers). Which means He (or she) totally drove off with my food, and I copped somebody else’s.

The rest of the order was right, though, so maybe it was just a drink mix-up. Either way, I’m calling it a win. I got a free meal, and I also like root beer.


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