[disney princess half weekend pt. 1: the expo]

So I brought my notebook in an attempt to get some blogging done while at Disney this past weekend, but didn’t have time. Whomp, whomp. So I will do my best to recap the race weekend in a couple of nifty blog posts.
Saturday morning, Kristina met me at my apartment, and after quick stops for gas and coffee, we were off to Orlando. We arrived to the hotel at around 9:30, but since check-in wasn’t until 4, we parked and headed to the Expo. Even though it was the second day, it was CROWDED. But much to Disney’s credit, the line to get in moved very fast, and I was able to check in and pick up my race goodies with no problem.

Me and my folder of, "Shit I Thought I Needed to Bring With Me, but Didn't."

One of the neat things about the whole weekend was the fact that Disney staff and volunteers called all the race participants “Princess.” I’ve always felt like I should have been born into royalty simply because my first name means “Princess” in Hebrew, so I appreciated the opportunity to feed this delusion. It even extended onto the race bibs:

Hells yes, I'm a mothafuckin' princess!

After I checked in and got my race stuff, we checked out the vendors. Everything a runner could want or need was being sold: compression socks, gels, sports bras, shoes, sports tape, sense of self worth. I bought a, “Hardcore Princess 13.1” headband from Sweaty Bands, and was pleasantly surprised that it lived up to the company’s tagline of, “OMG…they don’t slip!” Sucker stayed put on my head throughout the race, and I didn’t have to readjust once. Not that I was running 7-minute miles or anything, but still.  OMG, it didn’t slip!

We also took advantage of cheesy photo opportunities:

Kristina was reluctant to take this picture at first. Then she saw the banana headpiece.


The best non-dairy cheese I've ever tasted. Tasted just like cheese! Shit is legit.

We piddled about at the expo for about an hour and half and then got lunch at Downtown Disney at this place:

Just kidding, Breaking Bad fans. You can relax; Disney didn’t buy out AMC (that I know of). It was actually called Pollo Campero, but the two are so similar, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was a front for a blue meth operation.

Anyway, after lunch and exploring Downtown Disney for a bit, we went back to the hotel, checked-in, and freshened up before the 6p.m. Mass at the Mary, Queen of the Universe shrine. My friend Kathy met us at the hotel, and we carpooled to Mass and then dinner at Buca di Beppo so I could carb it up before the race:

Kristina bought kiddie Disney Princess crowns for us to decorate and wear. We're so stylin'.


Here’s where things got dicey. Transport to the race the next day started at 3a.m., which meant I had to get up at 2 to get ready and get on a bus.  Mass ended at 7, and our dinner reservations were at 8. I was planning on being through with dinner by 9 and heading back to the hotel, getting to bed no later than 10. However, service was a bit slow at Buca due to a large birthday party or something, and by 9 the only thing we had gotten was our salad. This made me nervous; getting into bed by 10 was only giving me 4 hours of sleep as it was. I wanted to relax and enjoy dinner, but the more time passed, the more my mind ticked down the hours I had left to sleep.

We didn’t get out of Buca until almost 10.

After making a quick pit stop at Walgreens, we got back to our hotel, and by the time we changed and got ready for bed (and I laid out everything I was going to wear for and take with me to the race), it was a little after 10:30p.m.

Almost 3 and a half hours of sleep before I had to get up and go run 13.1 miles.

Part 2 coming up…

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  1. Alison says:

    I ready for part two!


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