[march is craft month–what are you making?]

I know you looked at the title of this blog post and thought, “Holy shit, did you turn into a DIY blogger?” CALM DOWN. I am not all of a sudden Martha Stewart. I lack both the talent and motivation. Crafting is one of those things that I would like to get into–Pinterest is riddled with tons of cute ideas to make your home more tolerable and you more likeable and sexier–but when it comes down to actually doing it, I get tired and end up wasting 3 hours on YouTube watching stupid crap like this:

You know what’s extra sad? This isn’t my first time at the rodeo with this particular video, and I still watched all two minutes and forty-two seconds before posting it here. I even ADD out when it comes to blog posts! So just imagine me trying to attempt a craft. I guarantee you a craft that takes the average person an hour to do would take me five, plus several cocktails. That’s just how I roll.

My friend Monica is a different story. She’s one of those types who sees a craft pin on Pinterest, tries it, and it comes out perfectly. Her and her husband’s house boasts all sorts of personal quirky touches courtesy of her creativity, and she divulges the secrets to her crafting success (among other things) on her own blog, The Modern Mrs. I told her that if I ever grow up and buy my own house, I’m hiring her as my interior decorator.

She just finished making some cute pillows or something, so I invited her to share her project here. Because while I may not personally be crafty, I figured some of you out there might be. For the rest of you who are like me, hang tight–I’ll be back with the cocktails in a hot minute.


Did you know March is Craft Month? Whether you are little Susie Homemaker DIY-ing all the time or just on the occasional, “today I have an easy craft project” that brings great pop to your home!

Ta-Da. The easiest DIY project complete.  I found these great patterns printed on bandanas at Hobby Lobby. I was wandering the aisles for some fun idea of a project to make which you can read about here. I loved the color palette and the pattern to go in our living room. We currently had some toss pillows in there, but they definitely didn’t jazz me.  A few days ago I began the craft with liquid stitch around the 3 edges and then left it to try in the craft nook for 24 hours.  And then…

blog pic 1

I sort of forgot they were down there.

So they totally got their 24 hour drying time and then some. This morning I stuffed them with some pillow stuffing and gave the last edge a quick stitch up. Even sewing by hand, which typically feels painfully slow, actually went quickly with  Bob Marley singing in the background.

blog pic 2

I’m really happy with the finished product. If you are wanting to spruce up your living room or bedroom, Do It Yourself. You can find a very specific pattern that you love, color you want to coordinate with and make the room pop. Pillows are one of the cheapest accessories that bring the most bang for their buck. For around $10 you can change the color pop and attitude of your space.


Bandanas- $1.99 each

Liquid Stitch $5.99

Stuffing-Free from my mom in this instance. You can also grab some old ugly pillows and recover them or purchase pillow stuffing at a craft supply store for $6 per bag.

Enjoy and happy March Craft month to you!


So whaddya think? Would you like to see more crafty shit up in this piece? Holla in the comments.

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