[weekend recap]

Happy Monday, y’all! (Is there such a thing?) How was your weekend? Mine went a little something like this:
I dog-sat this sweet girl:


I imbibed a little o’ this deliciousness (see what I did there?):


And I read. I’m currently working my way through Hater by David Moody, a book I’ve been wanting to read for ages. It’s post-apocalyptic-y and dark, which I love, and although it isn’t edge of your seat thrills (yet), the story does progress at a steady, organic pace. I can dig it. If you are a nerd like me and have a Goodreads account, be my friend, won’t you?

Oh, and I totally broke my coffee Lenten fast, but it was worth it. If you’re ever at Cafe Hey, get yourself a hot Angel Kiss. No, that’s not a special service you can order from a hooker.

Now it’s back to the daily grind, although I am planning to go salsa dancing at the Straz Center Thursday night. Fun fact: I can salsa dance. I can’t do any Dancing With the Stars-type shiz, but I know the basic salsa moves. A friend of mine married a fella from Nicaragua, and one night after way too many drinks and a round of Patron shots, he and his two buddies taught us girls how to salsa. 3 guys + 3 girls + too much tequila = dance party U. S. A. So this gringa is looking forward to getting her Latin groove on Thursday. I’ve never been, but apparently there’s a live band and everything, which sounds fun. Super excited. I think it’s important sometimes to plan for a bit of fun during the work week. Breaks up the monotony and gives you something to look forward to. I’m pretty sure I will be dragging Friday morning, though. Oh, well. I can sleep when I’m dead.

How was your weekend? Have any fun plans coming up?

P.S. One Random B is now on Facebook. Like that shiz, will ya?

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