[new examiner article!]

Oh my god. OH MY GOD. Basically, I hate the internet and my computer right now. I gave myself an hour to write this review before I had to leave to go to my salsa dance lesson, and 35 minutes in I never got past writing the first sentence because of Shockwave plugins not working and fucking up the pages, having to switch browsers, and slow load times. Then it took another good chunk of time to finish the damn thing and post to Facebook and all that jazz for pretty much the same reasons. Sigh. I think I need a new computer, because I’m pretty sure my current one is just going to give up on life, give me the big ol’ finger, and explode in a firey ball of hate, anger, and spite. Fuck you, computer.
Anyway, the review is up. I went to a place in Hyde Park called Piquant. Read it and shit.

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