[in the house of stone and light]


It’s been quiet on here lately, and I apologize. Things have gotten really busy in my neck of the woods. I like to think it’s because everybody all of a sudden realized what an awesome person I am and want to hang out, but realistically it’s probably just a busy season in my life and in a couple of months I’ll go back to being a lame-o.
Anyway, on my commute home from work a couple weeks ago, I heard this song:

Once it got to the chorus, I totally recognized the song, but what’s been bothering me ever since is I can’t remember from where I recognized it. It’s like somebody downloaded it into my brain one night while I was sleeping, because I knew random things, like the key changes, but I have no context in which I can place how I know this song. I don’t think it was the subject of one of my song obsessions.

I do know that it’s awesome, and that it probably will be the subject of one of my song obsessions, though. And until I can figure out how the hell I know this song, I will pretend that I know it from when I was abducted by some aliens one night who took me up in their UFO where all we did was listen to songs from the 80s and 90s, watch Brat Pack movies, and drink craft brews. Now I’m kind of sad that actually didn’t happen.

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  1. Olivia says:

    I recognize this song. Probably something overheard in a mall store when we were kiddos.


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