[beauty junk round-up: humid hair edition]

Well, kids, summer is just around the corner, and if you live in Florida (or in any tropical climate), you know what that means: HUMIDITY OUT YO STUPID ASS.
We here in the Sunshine State got a sneak peek of the temperatures to come, with days soaring into the 90’s with a bajillion percent humidity. My hair is wavy (NOT curly, big diff) and left to its own devices, will get bigger than Monica Geller’s in Costa Rica.

Needless to say, it’s important I have a hair care routine down by the time summer rolls around, which is why I present to you Beauty Junk Round-Up: Humid Hair edition

Here are my latest snags:


Garnier Fructis Curl Calm Down, $3.47

Some stylist to the celebs raved about it in a magazine (Glamour, I think?), saying how it’s one of the best drugstore anti-frizz creams out there. I love Garnier Fructis anyway, and I’m always looking for a great anti-frizz solution, so I had to try it. I must say, I have to agree with the stylist. This cream is rich (only two semi-generous pumps or so does the trick) and easily applies to damp hair, but doesn’t weigh it down. It also provides tons of moisture and does help to keep the frizzies at bay without making your hair look greasy. Definitely a must-have for ladies with wavy to curly hair.

Milkshake Leave-In Conditioner, $17.39 on Amazon.com

I bought my bottle while I was at the salon on Saturday, so I’m not sure how much I paid for it. Every time I go for a haircut, my stylist (Lauren at Tribeca Salon on Kennedy, if you’re looking for a stylist–she’s fabulous!) sprays this stuff in my hair, and I finally broke down and bought a bottle. DEFINITELY WORTH THE MONEY. This stuff moisturizes like no other leave-in conditioner I’ve tried, leaving my hair super soft, ends and all. It’s also water-based, which means you can spray liberally without weighing down your hair or getting that greasy look. And, bonus: it smells like cake batter. Normally, I’m not much for scents that smell like cookies or cake or whatever, but I love how this smells. The smell is also not overpowering, so you won’t overwhelmingly smell like cake all day long. In fact, after initially spraying it on your hair, you won’t really smell it at all, other than a random whiff every once in awhile.

Garnier Fructis Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment, $4.97

Did I mention how much I love Garnier Fructis? I feel that for a cheapie drugstore brand, these products work very well and are good quality, and I feel like they’re specially made for girls with long, thick hair living in humid weather. Basically, I feel as if this entire line was designed just for me, which is kind of narcissistic, but whatevs. It’s good shit. And it hits another home run with this hair treatment. Like with the Curl Calm Down, a little bit goes a long way. You can apply on damp or dry hair, and it beats the frizz down without weighing your hair down. 

I use all three products together, and my hair never looks greasy or limp, which I think is a true testament to the quality of these products. Here’s how I style my hair, if any of you care (this is on damp hair, fresh out of the shower):

  1. Spritz the leave-in conditioner liberally on my hair and comb it out with a hair pick.
  2. Run a couple of semi-generous pumps of the Curl Calm Down through my hair, making sure to get underneath and the ends really well.
  3. Run about a nickel-sized dollop (maybe just a touch more) of the Moroccan Oil through my hair, making sure to get underneath and the ends really well.
  4. I let my hair dry for a little bit until it’s half-damp, half-dry, then twist into two pigtails for sleeping. I find that twisting helps define my waves better than braiding.
  5. When I get up in the morning, I pick my hair out, then apply just a touch of the Moroccan Oil onto my dry hair, just as a touch-up. Then I style like normal.

I think I found the perfect trifecta of frizz-fighting hair products, and I feel confident that this summer, my hair won’t look like Blake Anderson’s.

What are your favorite hair care products?



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