[p is for my new favorite person]


The dance studio where I take salsa lessons hosts a “practica” every Friday night at 10, and I finally went last week. It’s nothing fancy. It kind of turns into a club what with the DJ, disco lights, and cover charge, but without the creepsters. Rather, it’s a way for students to practice what was learned in class and meet other people from different levels. Everybody is there solely for the love of dance, and it’s a hell of a good time.
One of the people I met was P. About an hour or so into the practica, my friends and I saw him. He was about 4’11” and maybe 100 pounds soaking wet, but what made us really take notice was that the dude could dance. So much so that my friend Lee nicknamed him the Gringo Salsa King. Equipped with a shit-ton of self-confidence, he was zipping across the dance floor, asking one lady to dance, then zipping back and asking different one. He danced with short girls, tall girls, skinny girls, and not-so-skinny girls, and he rocked each dance like a frigging champion. All the women knew who he was, and he was showered with hugs and high-fives. The ladies loved P.

We loved to watch P. He had a smile constantly plastered across his face and an energy that was contagious. He loved to dance, and he thoroughly enjoyed himself with each partner (that sounded dirty), no matter the skill level. Eventually, Lee and I each got to dance with him. He taught me how to dance to bachata, and shared his secrets to becoming a dancing fool like him:

  • go to as many practicas as possible
  • dance with as many people as possible
  • if nobody asks you to dance, ask them

P is officially my new favorite person, and living proof that a man doesn’t have to look like Brad Pitt to get in with the ladies. Confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have, and it has the ability to transform anyone into being the life of the party.

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