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Guys, if I’m being honest with myself, there are certain tendencies that I’ve been fighting for years. For awhile, it was pretty much contained to independent coffee shops and bookstores, but now it’s leaking out into my music preferences, restaurants I dine at, and even a little of my clothing. I can no longer fight it: I think I might be more hipster/indie than I originally thought. I wonder if this is how people feel when they transform into werewolves.
In celebration of this (or rather, I have no other choice BUT to succumb to this next step in the transformation process), I’m going to start instituting a weekly TGIF playlist on the blog. There won’t really be a theme, just random songs I like thrown together in one package.

Okay, so I’m a liar. There IS a bit of a theme to this one: hipster/indie. Because, why not? And it all kicks off with my favorite song about cocaine. Enjoy.

  • The 1975


  • Peter Bradley Adams

    The Longer I Run

  • Ed Sheeran

    Lego House

  • Iron & Wine


  • Iron & Wine

    Boy With A Coin

  • Iron & Wine

    Naked As We Came

  • Glen Hansard

    Falling Slowly

  • Ingrid Michaelson


  • Phillip Phillips


  • Regina Spektor


  • Nuno Bettencourt

    Pursuit Of Happiness

  • Regina Spektor


  • MC Solaar

    La Belle Et Le Bad Boy

  • Joshua Radin

    You Got What I Need

  • Joshua Radin

    One Of Those Days

  • The Veils

    Sit Down By The Fire

  • Rachel Platten

    1,000 Ships (Album)

  • Mumford & Sons

    Little Lion Man

  • Jason Myles Goss

    Twilight Serenade

EDIT: Playlist.com changed formats and is now more like Pandora. Unfortunately, playlists created prior to the format changes can no longer be played publicly. Future playlists will be composed on Podsnack.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Alison says:

    I really like joshua radin’s cover of Only You. I think you’ll really like both if you haven’t heard it already 🙂


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