[beauty junk round-up: prid]


I first used Smile’s PRID as a teenager with bad acne. I had a few painful pimples that wouldn’t come to a head, nor would they go away. They just sat on my face, providing major owies. My dad suggested I put some PRID, a drawing salve, on them to see if they’d come to a head. At least that way, I’d be able to pop them and relieve the pressure and pain (gross, I know).

Well, they didn’t come to a head, but the salve did dry them right up, and within a couple of days, they had disappeared completely. And then…I never used PRID again. I’m not really sure why. Maybe it was because my acne was so bad, I would have had to have basically made a facial mask out of the stuff for it to do any good overall and didn’t think it was worth it. Maybe I was too lazy to keep going into my parents’ medicine cabinet to use the stuff. Either way, I never touched it again, until recently.

Pretty much since high school, I have been in and out of dermatologists’ offices trying to clear up the mess that is my face. Each dermatologist has had great success in clearing me up with meds, but whenever I try to wean myself off of them, thinking maybe this time my skin won’t be an asshole, I end up breaking out all over again. It sucks. This time, though, I wasn’t having any of it. I didn’t have the awesome health insurance my previous place of employment afforded me, so I couldn’t afford to be shelling out the big bucks for expensive acne meds. I was determined to find something that was over the counter and effective for treating those stubborn little break-outs.

Then I remembered PRID and thought, “Why the hell not?” A can of the stuff costs less than $5 at Walmart, so I figured if it didn’t work, I wasn’t out a whole lot of money. In about a week, my breakouts, specifically the stubborn little cluster on my right cheek, were noticeably fading away.  Once again, PRID delivered.

I’ll forewarn you and say this isn’t the most glamorous product on the market. It’s poop brown in the jar, and smells like Satan. But that’s a small price to pay for clear skin. And it goes on clear. I typically dab my problem spots before I go to bed (after I have washed and moisturized my face), and leave it on overnight. Some people like to cover the spots where they used PRID with bandages, and that’s a judgement call.

I’m going to say PRID is the most effective spot-treatment I’ve personally used. It’s easy to forget with all the other glamorous, sexier, and more expensive acne treatment products on the market, but sometimes the ones with the least amount of flair work the best.

*No, I’m not affiliated with PRID, nor am I receiving compensation for this review. I just like to talk about things I’ve tried out, and whether or not they work. 

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