[well, this was a bust]

Last Thursday night, I received the following text:

504-area number: hola moy q tal q hace

I didn’t recognize the number, and when I put the text through two different online translators, it didn’t translate. So I figured maybe someone accidentally drunk-texted me in Spanish by accident. I didn’t think much of it, but the following day at work, while the IT guy was working on my computer, he, my officemate, and I decided to play detective. My officemate Googled the area code, and found out it was a New Orleans number. We both examined the text message a little more closely, and were able to figure out that basically the person was asking what was up and what I was doing. He or she was either too drunk or too lazy to spell out the word, “que,” and neither one of us could figure out what the hell he or she was getting at with, “moy.” So we called in our Puerto Rican co-worker to help translate.

She took one look at the text message and pronounced the person a gringo who couldn’t speak Spanish. We all laughed, the IT guy finished up on my computer, and we all agreed it was a nice 10-minute diversion. I didn’t think about it again until Friday night when I received the following text from the New Orleans number:

504-area number: anda mlesto cn comigo?

I didn’t bother with the online translators, and pretty much figured out the gist of the message, which was asking if I was messing with the person who texted me. But I saw an opportunity to have some fun:

Me: My co-worker (who is Puerto Rican) took a look at your text message and says you are a gringo who can’t speak Spanish. Also, I think you have the wrong number.

I sat back and waited, hoping this would open the door to a fun, broken, bi-lingual convo in which the person would inevitably end it with calling me a, “puta” (although, given the track record of the Spanish, he/she would probably have spelled it like, “puma” or something equally hilarious). I was hoping for some LOLs, some gems that would make for a good story to tell my friends, and post on this blog. And I got…


It was a bust. Here’s hoping the next accidental text I get will be from someone who’s spunky.

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