[i buy stupid shit sometimes]

So, I bought these g-fab babies today:


What makes this purchase extra hilar is the earrings themselves were five cents, but shipping and handling was $3.95, upping the total purchase to $4. WORTH. IT. I plan on wearing them to work to see if I get a warning from HR. It is my goal to get an HR rap sheet for wearing absolutely ridiculous things. Next on my agenda: this dress when it goes on clearance for hella cheap. BOOM.

For now, I plan on wearing the earrings whenever we do our Bloods vs. Crips theme on Casual Friday. Yes, a co-worker of mine mentioned wearing one’s fave gang colors on Casual Friday. No, this is not sanctioned by the company, nor does it involve company-wide participation. It’s limited to just a few of us assholes.

Anyway, moving on…

This song came on the Spotify Dance radio station the last couple times I went out for a run, and I LOVE IT:

I feel like the Magnum, P.I. theme really makes it. The first time it came on, I started running faster, pretending like I was Tom Selleck chasing down a bad guy. I pretty much expended most of my energy at the beginning of the workout. WORTH. IT. If you are planning to go for a run any time soon, I highly suggest pretending to be Tom Selleck. And listening to this song. Just pretend to be Tom Selleck while listening to this song while running, and it’ll be fun. Trust me.

im tom selleck bitch - Tom Selleck Bitch

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