[gettin’ our hippie on]

rasa lila

Today my friend Kristina and I went to Rasa-Lila Fest, an annual outdoor yoga festival here in the Tampa Bay area.  Think of it as Burning Man for yogis.

Every stereotypical thing you can think of relating to yoga and hippies was present: chakra profiles, information on becoming a Master Herbalist, estatic dance, and organic juices were just the tip of the iceberg. But it was a helluva good time, I got my flow on, and made some life-changing discoveries:

1. Kristina and I probably should not camp out next year.

Rasa-Lila is actually a two-day festival, and but we decided to just register for the Saturday session. However, those who go both Friday and Saturday have the option of camping out, which we totally want to do next year. But while I think our hearts are in the right place, something tells me we are not the camping out type of ladies. I’m basing this on the fact that I pretty much flipped my shit every time an ant got on my mat (Like, every. single. time. Do you know how many frigging ants there are out in nature and the odds of them getting on your mat and in your pants? Like a shit-ton, and pretty damn good.); Kristina pretty much flipped her shit when she saw a little jumping spider hopping toward her; and we both pretty much flipped our shits at the sheer amount of dirt we brought back on our clothes and bodies. Not to mention that it was at a Boy Scout camp, which brought flashbacks of the time I spent in Girl Scout camp and the nasty-ass showers.  Oh god, the showers.

However, I propose if we start saving our pennies now, we could totally rent an RV next year and glamp it up, Real Housewives-style.

2. I need this juice in my life.


So it might be just a leeeetle bit dramatic to say I want to make a commitment to this juice, that I want to have it in my life and make a promise to it that I would cherish it and never take it for granted, but:

  • I want to make a commitment to this juice
  • I NEED to have it in my life
  • Juice, I promise that I will cherish you and never take you for granted. Please don’t leave me.

OMG, this juice. THIS JUICE. From Swami Juice, it’s called Sweet Treat, and is comprised of pineapple, lime, ginger, orange, and strawberry. And I found out that they are opening a location near me in November. I plan on being a regular to the point of bat-shit annoyance.

3. I did a head-stand.

With help. Because anything that requires balancing on my arms I get all mental about and get scared that I will crush my wrists. It’s why I never learned how to do a cartwheel. I plant my hands on the ground then freak out and end up hopping from one side to the other with my legs all bendy-like. True story.

4. These cookies are amazeballs.

Wow Baking Company's Lemon Burst cookies.

I didn’t buy these at the festival, Kristina just happened to give them to me while at the festival, but I had to include them because the little bastards are that good. They’re wheat and gluten free but are melt-in-your-mouth soft. If Paula Deen made healthy desserts, she would make these cookies. They do involve butter, so it would be right up her alley.

I went into today not knowing what to expect, and ended up having an amazing time. All of the yoga I did, plus the smug sense of self-importance I gained from going to such a festival, will help me sleep well tonight. Namaste, bitches.


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