[the hangover run]

Last night I cooked dinner for T.O.* and he kept giving me shit about my lack of finesse when it comes to my skills in the kitchen (sometimes you’ve gotta use a vodka bottle when you don’t own a rolling pin, amirite?). So in retaliation I pretended to cut my hand with the filet knife I was using (to cut onions–T.O.’s got a point) to which T.O. asked what I would do if he just rammed a knife right through his hand and blood spurted everywhere. I think he likes posing hypothetical questions about my blood/gore tolerance (or lack thereof) because I suspect that he’ll one day stage some horrific scene featuring severed limbs and rotting flesh or something for the sole purpose of seeing me freak the fuck out and/or pass out. Guys, this is our relationship.
And all this is to say I’ve been a lame-bot when it comes to posting on the reg because I get distracted by shit like pretending to cut my hand with knives. I should have written about the latest race I participated in back in August, when it actually happened, but, well, shiny things.


When I started running last year, I would run across the term “virtual race” but didn’t quite understand the concept. Of course, I never bothered to research it in detail, either, and just assumed it involved that virtual reality headgear from the nineties or a surrogate like in that Bruce Willis film, and both options sounded kind of stupid and seemed like it would defeat the entire point of running in the first place. Then I saw a Facebook ad for a Hangover-themed virtual run (complete with a Baby Carlos finisher’s medal!), got curious, and clicked. And then I learned that a “virtual race” is actually an activity you can do on your own time, and involves actual running.

Sponsoring this particular race was Will Run for Bling and Charity, an organization specializing in virtual races. It takes a portion of the race fees and donates them to charity (the Hangover Run raised money for the Lupus Foundation of America), and entices runners to sign up with the promise of fun finisher’s medals. It also breaks down exactly what a virtual race is: a race that you can do on your own time, either by yourself or with friends, wherever you’re at. For example, if you signed up for a virtual half marathon, you have a set amount of time to cover that distance, and you can do it however you want: via treadmill, over the course of several days, all at once, what have you. Some virtual runs require proof of completion before mailing out the bling, but Will Run for Bling and Charity doesn’t, they just encourage runners to post photos of  their runs on their Facebook page. Virtual runs can be good options for new runners who still don’t have the confidence to run a  traditional race, or for those who want to get a race in but can’t because of scheduling conflicts or traveling fees.

Personally, I prefer the excitement of a traditional race, but as mentioned before, I get distracted by shiny things, and I needed to have that Baby Carlos finisher’s medal in my life. So I signed up for the 5K. As far as race recaps go, there isn’t really much to talk about: I knocked out the distance over three days as part of the runs in my Ease Into 5K training plan, and I just ran around my ‘hood. The exciting part was when my finisher’s medal came in the mail:


It now joins my Disney Princess Half finisher’s medal in adorning my bedside table lamp.

While I still like traditional races, I could see doing some more virtual runs, especially if fun bling is involved. And, hey, helping out charities doesn’t hurt, either. But my next race won’t be virtual; I recently signed up for the Santa’s Twilight 5K at Honeymoon Island in December! Kristina and her fam are totally letting me glom on, and I’m super excited. Maybe we’ll run into Buddy!


Maybe not.

*The man friend’s new nickname is now T.O. because:

a) It has a nicer ring to it

b) T-Bone was a legit nickname for the man friend in high school, and a ridiculous nickname is less fun if it actually existed at one point. 

Also, I realized that T.O might have come across as an asshole, which he is not. We give each other shit about things all the time. It’s all in good fun, and we both know we’re not serious. It’s just how we do.

*Also, I am not affiliated with Will Run for Bling and Charity, nor was I asked to post anything about them or my run. This post is all me, suckaz!

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