[pile on the miles 2013]

Double post Thursday, what what! One of my favorite running blogs, Run Eat Repeat, is hosting a challenge called Pile on the Miles. Already in its 5th year, Pile on the Miles is designed to get people active during the month of November–you know, the month that kicks off eating crap, crap, and more (delicious, oh so delicious) crap for 60 or so days straight. This is to help combat that, so when you do inevitably stuff your pie-hole with gravy and turkey deliciousness, you won’t feel too bad considering you already put in x amount of miles that week, day, whatever. You can either walk, run, or cycle, and you must do a weekly check-in to keep you accountable. None of this, “I’m going to run a MILLION MILES this November!” and then downing a carton of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey during a Real Housewives marathon and never touching your computer once bidness.


My goal is to run 27.5 miles for the month of November. That’s 2.75 miles three times a week (it might even get upped to 3 miles per week the closer I get to my 5K), cutting back to twice a week the week of Thanksgiving (because, let’s be real, ain’t nobody gonna be very active the week of Thanksgiving, amirite?).

Do you want to join in the fun? Click here to learn more about the challenge and how to register; and click here if you want to add a nifty little badge to your blog or wherever.

And even though I am sure you will be tempted at some point to succumb to the overpowering urge to consume copious amounts of pie, cookies, and other tantalizing treats and screw off when it comes to completing the challenge, just remember:


So sayeth Jillian Michaels.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Nichole C says:

    Awesome! I love THIS!


    1. sarahvb2 says:

      Yeah, I need some more motivation to keep being active. Since Saturday, I’ve been pretty much eating (and drinking) garbage. :-/


  2. Crystal H says:

    I definitely need to do this! My calendar is already packed with free events for November that involve food…most of it not so healthy. Nom Nom Nom. 🙂


    1. Sarah VB says:

      This time of year, it’s so hard to stay on track!


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