[beauty junk round-up: anthony brand astringent toner pads]


I recently read an article describing the importance of taking good photos for your blog and then watermarking said photos, and it inspired me to try to find a good place in my apartment to take a picture of the toner pads. Then, after five minutes of trying to find a spot where the sink or soap or whatever wasn’t in the background, I said fuck it, picked it up, and took a picture. And I didn’t bother to watermark it because who in the hell would steal this photo? “Good enough” is the motto we live by around here.

ANYway, I’ve described my struggle with acne on here in the past, and I recently communicated my frustrations to T.O. about being 30 freaking years old and STILL DEALING with breakouts. T.O. suggested I try using one of his Anthony brand astringent toner pads just to see if it would help. Since I’ll try just about anything in my search for an OTC equivalent of a prescription acne treatment, I gave it a few swipes. In addition to my skin feeling clean and refreshed, it was also instantly brighter. I was impressed, but still skeptical and reluctant to get too attached, afraid that after a few uses the magical powers would stop and I’d start to break out even worse than before (I have REALLY sensitive skin).

Flash forward a couple of weeks, and my skin is bright, smooth, and relatively clear. Yesterday I noticed a few breakouts forming, but I think they were due more to hormones than the pads agitating my skin. What I especially love is that these pads don’t dry your skin out. Witch hazel, aloe, and citrusmint calm and freshen, and the result is a clean-feeling face that’s hydrated. I will say that I only use these pads in the evenings when I need to get the gunk from the day off my face, and for my skin, that is enough. It is formulated for men’s skin types, after all.

These pads are now a staple of my skin care routine, and are the best OTC acne treatment I’ve tried. And considering that twenty bucks gets you 60 pads, they are a steal. I definitely owe T.O. one for introducing them to me.

Question: What’s the best OTC acne treatment you’ve tried?

Neither Anthony nor Amazon didn’t recruit me to review these things, and I’m not being compensated in any way for this. This is solely my opinion, and I wanted to share my experience with these amazing toner pads in case anybody else out there is fighting the good fight against acne. Keep on keepin’ on, warriors. 

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