You want pillow?
So there have been a few new things added to the blog, some of which you’re well aware and some to which you might not be so in tune. First of all, I’ve linked up my Instagram account so that it auto-posts to my blog. It’s a handy feature that still allows me to “post” between actual written pieces. It’s good for when I’m kind of having  writer’s block like now. However, I’m going to try to not make this the One Random B Instagram Blog, and, after looking at the last few entries, I can see I already failed on that promise. Which, truthfully, is my reasoning for this post. Sorry, dudes. I’ll try harder. That’s what he said.

The other bit o’ info is that I am now an Amazon Associate, which means whenever I link to something on Amazon from my blog, I get a percentage of sales (if purchases are made via my links). I thought it was a fairly non-intrusive way to try and monetize this thing, since I already do beauty junk round-ups and link to Amazon all the time on those posts. I also created an Amazon store in the side-bar with products discussed in past beauty junk round-ups in case you trust me enough to buy something I’ve recommended.

Alright, I’ll let you get back to your regularly scheduled programming. I polished off a 5K last weekend, so stay tuned for a race recap.


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