[favorite posts of 2013]

Happy New Year, all you beautiful, sexy people! Did you do anything special to ring in 2014? I just got drunk and watched the ball drop, and this morning, T.O. and I cooked up a bangin’ breakfast of peach pancakes, hash browns, and chorizo and eggs. That’s a breakfast of winners, my friends.
My first post of this new year won’t be all emo, like last year, because 2013 was a grand year. I half-assed a half marathon (I wasn’t EVEN TRYING on that one!), Ava got fleas, and I started reading books on a Kindle Fire. The blog also had a terrific year, and by that I mean I had a lot of posts to sort through for this list of favorites. I don’t know how the hell it did, numbers-wise. I mean, I could easily find that information out, but I am lazy and you people probably don’t even care in the first place.

So without further ado, let’s spend the first day of the new year looking back at the previous year. I present to you:


January: If Fairy Tales Were Real

February: This one’s a two-parter! Disney Princess Half recaps, part 1 and part 2

March: Why I Hate Linkin Park: a Rant

April: The One Where I Get Tipsy at You Do the Dishes

May: Color Me Rad

June: My First Time

July: Why Captain Planet Sucks: a Rant

August: The Quest for the Cucumber Gimlet

September: When Whiteness Attacks

October: Gettin’ Our Hippie On

November: Liebster Award

December: Santa’s Twilight 5K

Good luck in 2014, guys. Let’s make it amazing.

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