[sweet baby ray’s : a like story]

I like Sweet Baby Ray’s. It’s my favorite barbeque sauce.

But don’t get it twisted: I like it. I’m not obsessed with it. Like, I don’t get on my knees every night and thank the barbeque gods that I got one more day on God’s green earth with their most delicious condiment. I don’t drink it straight from the bottle. I don’t bathe in it. I enjoy it in a normal and sane capacity.


However, my refrigerator tells a different story, because every time I decide to make a meal that requires barbeque sauce, I always assume I don’t have any and buy a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s. In reality, I have, like, 20 half-empty bottles because of this false assumption. But when I decided to make some pulled pork last weekend, I was sure I didn’t have any because T.O. used it up the last time he made pulled pork. So I picked up a bottle.


And when I got home and started unloading my groceries…


FYI, that middle one is five gallons. T.O. and I bought it the last time he made pulled pork. Why the hell we thought we’d go through five damn gallons of barbeque sauce is beyond me.

So the point of this story is…if you need barbeque sauce, call me. I gots Sweet Baby Ray’s for days.

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