[beauty junk round-up: coconut oil]



Hello, young ones. Today’s beauty junk round-up is about my new favorite product: coconut oil.


^Real talk, y’all.^ Here is what I have used coconut oil for so far:

  • body moisturizer
  • P.M. facial moisturizer
  • makeup remover
  • in lieu of shaving cream
  • oil pulling
  • sunburn relief
  • hair masque
  • in lieu of leave-in hair conditioner
  • as a substitute for butter when frying eggs
  • frizz tamer

It’s seriously one of those products you can use for just about anything, which makes the amount of shit you have to buy considerably less. And if you’re a baller on a budget like me, that should be good news to your frugal lil’ ears.  I have used both Nature’s Way and LouAna brands, the difference being that Nature’s Way is pure extra virgin and LouAna is not. Both work well; however, once my LouAna runs out, I will probably go back to Nature’s Way, as the LouAna gave off kind of a processed vibe despite it being 100% coconut oil. And Nature’s Way makes me smell like a piña colada, which is always a good thing.

I first started using coconut oil as a beauty product earlier this year when I ran out of my normal facial moisturizer and needed something in a pinch. I found a half-used jar of T.O.’s  in my kitchen cabinet, tried it out–and was amazed. Not only did it absorb quickly into my skin, when I woke up the next morning, my skin was so, so soft and not greasy feeling at all. It was better than any facial moisturizer I’ve ever used. And I was hooked. I started using it for EVERYTHING.

As a makeup remover, full body, and facial moisturizer, it works great. It moisturizes just as well, or better than, any moisturizer I’ve ever used, and it does a thorough job of removing my makeup. AND the fact that it’s all natural makes it good for your skin, which is a MAJOR bonus.  I was also pleasantly surprised at how it soothed my sunburn. Back in March, I went to an event I didn’t know was outdoors–and got burned worse than a bad American Idol contestant.


I started putting coconut oil on my sunburn every night, and I noticed that it wasn’t as painful and didn’t last as long as it would have had I not put anything on it. I’m pretty much vampire white, y’all. And I went out in the sunshine. In Florida. With no sunscreen. Hashtag It Works.

In lieu of shaving cream and using it for oil pulling, I wasn’t super impressed. However, I will note that my razor could have been the reason why, as it was a bit dull, and I only oil pulled once, and I think that’s a process you have to do over time to see any real results. I did notice a bit more shine and softness when I used it as a hair masque and as a substitute for leave-in conditioner. As a frizz tamer, I think it could work, but I haven’t found the “secret sauce” (i.e. just the right amount) where it doesn’t make my hair look like a greasy mess. I’m still experimenting.

I wasn’t so fond of using it as a sub for butter while frying eggs. I used the Nature’s Way brand for that, and it gave my eggs a coconut-y taste, which was way gross. It confused my taste buds. Was it a tropical cocktail, or was it breakfast? Coconuts and eggs do not–I repeat DO NOT– go together.


Since coconut oil comes in good-sized jars you can get for a fart and a wink, and it’s something you don’t have to use a lot of at once (seriously–a little bit goes a long way), it makes for an extremely cost-effective product.  However, if you use too much on your hair and/or skin, you run the risk of looking like a grease ball. And I’ve heard it can stain your clothes/bed sheets and it causes some people to break out, although I’ve not experienced either of those things.

So, coconut oil. It’s good shit.

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