[bye, bye, terrible holiday eating habits]

I’ll be honest: since Thanksgiving, I have been eating like shit, not exercising, and generally not giving two fucks about the whole thing.
And it has been magnificent.

However, this kind of existence can’t last. I know this. And with two 5Ks around the corner (one being THIS SUNDAY), I have to change my ways. Today, I went on my first run in what felt like forever. While it felt good to get back out there, I had to fight the overwhelming urge to skip it, pop open a beer, eat tortilla chips, and watch Six Feet Under.

But I can’t get back on the exercise/healthy eating bandwagon without giving this wonderful time in my life, the time that was Thanksgiving/Christmas 2014 Season,  a proper farewell:

Thanksgiving/Christmas season 2014: I ate like a fattie. It was glorious. But all good things must come to an end, because sweating gravy and the gooey insides of those gourmet chocolates just isn’t sustainable. We had some good times, which I’ll cherish and think back on fondly while huffing and puffing my way through a 5K or eating a soup that consists primarily of beans and my tears. It’s not you, it’s me. Actually, it is you, because you are terribly unhealthy and ours was a toxic relationship…to my blood pressure and weight, that is. But you were the best lover my taste buds ever had. Goodbye, Thanksgiving/Christmas season 2014. I’ll never forget you.

Planned Races in 2015 (so far):

Viva la Margarita 5K

Gasparilla Distance Classic 5K

2015 Bucket List Race:

Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco. After the fiasco that was the Disney Princess Half, I swore I would never run another half…and then I learned about the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. The finisher’s “medal” is actually a silver Tiffany & Co. pendant necklace specially designed for the race, and it’s handed out by firemen. In tuxedos. At the finish line. It’s like someone crawled into my head and designed my perfect race. And if my name is not picked in the drawing, my back-up race will probably be either the Savannah Rock n’ Roll 5K or half. Depends on how ambitious I’m feeling.

And finally, some sassy fitspo to get the new year started off right:




Here’s to 2015. I hope you guys accomplish everything you set out to achieve.

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