[sprint tri training]

This week marks the first official week of my sprint triathlon training. In a bout of “can-do” optimism that came off the heels of my Disney World Half PR, I thought it would be fun to challenge myself some more and sign up for a sprint tri. The race in question is the Tarpon Springs Rotary Sprint Triathlon, and I’m already getting the nervous poops just thinking about all of the extra shit that goes into preparing for this sport. For a regular footrace, all you have to worry about is chafe and figure out which gel/chew doesn’t make you throw up, and you’re good. You either stuff all of your crap in your sports bra like an animal, or in a belt if you want to be more civilized, and go at a pace that doesn’t make you want to kill yourself. For a sprint tri, though, you’ve got to worry about extras, like a bike and swimsuit. Thankfully, I’ve got a bike, and an actual racing swimsuit (thanks, Marshalls!). It’s just the details that are throwing me off: do I need to get a swim cap and goggles? How does the transition area work? How do I even swim?
Unfortunately, that last question was kind of a joke, but not really. While I do know how to swim, it’s in situations where I’m usually at the beach or the pool, in between cold adult beverages: relaxed, lazy, buzzed. In these types of situations, I usually get in the water when it gets to be Satan’s asshole-level hot (read: unbearable), and I need to cool off. I’m not aiming for a certain distance, or a certain time, and should a shark decide to make a meal out of me, it’s dubious whether or not I would get out in time. I would at least lose a chunk out of my thigh, if not an entire limb. Sad, but true. All this was glaringly apparent at my very first swim workout yesterday, where my freestyle form looked more like a panicked dog trying to get to a snausage sitting on the pool deck. Also, I was supposed to swim 200 yards, and only swam 200 feet, which is the equivalent of 64 yards, and I didn’t even catch my mix-up until I was back in the apartment. Fail.

Image courtesy of memecrunch.com

So today’s workout will be a swim do-over. I have since calculated how many actual laps I need to do to get to the equivalent of 200 yards, and I watched a video on swim technique, so hopefully today’s workout will be better than yesterday’s. Wish me luck (for real, I almost typed, “wish me lunch,” and that applies too, as it’s noon and I am very hungry).

September 10th – the countdown is on!

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