The Partnership Between Social Media and Your Website

Back when I was searching for full-time work, I was asked a really great question during an interview: what roles do social media and websites play in marketing? It’s a great question because it makes you, as a business owner, stop and think about how you utilize each platform. If utilized correctly, it can help you grow your business exponentially.

When I was working on digital media campaigns, we utilized both social media and our own website landing pages to generate leads and traffic. The way we did this was by having each platform work with the other as a natural partnership – working together instead of against each other. Social media is a conversation-starter. Its primary function is to introduce your business to your target audience, and start a conversation. Some businesses use it as a public relations function, addressing concerns their customers may have with their services or products. Others utilize it to talk about an industry issue. Still others use it in a more straight-forward way by talking about what they can offer to customers. The point is to use it to get the conversation started – and then to send users to your website, where they can find relevant information about your business and what you offer, as well as how to contact you. That’s it. Social media establishes a rapport with your target audience, and lures them in. The website seals the deal. It’s an effective, symbiotic relationship.

How do you use each platform? Are they working together to help you grow your business, or are they working against you?