Wedding Details

I thought I would share a bit about my wedding here, since I’ve been M.I.A. from blogging for years, and when I finally do get back into it, I’m all, “I’m married lolz!” So here’s a bit about what went down, and why we decided to elope. 

T and I got engaged back in March, a couple of days after we decided to buy a house together (the Wednesday before Wrestlemania, to be exact!). The proposal was random, yet so us: I was washing my face, and T was in the doorway of the bathroom, joking and talking to me. Nothing out of the ordinary, except I noticed that he wasn’t going away, just kept watching me washing my face. At one point, I was closing my eyes to remove my eye makeup, and he says, “How long do you have to keep your eyes closed?” I thought this was an odd question; I replied, “Until my makeup is off.” Little did I know that he put the ring box on the counter next to the sink while I was removing my makeup! I didn’t notice at first, and continued to talk and flirt with him, then I happened to look down and noticed the box, open with the ring inside. 

I gasped, and said, “Is that what I think it is?”

“Yes,” he replied. “Wanna do this thing?”

Yes. You read that right. He actually said, “Wanna do this thing?” I was so shocked I couldn’t even laugh. I even got choked up! Of course, I said yes, we embraced, he let me have my girly, tear-filled moment, and then whispered softly into my ear: “You won.” And then I laughed. 

I found out later he was planning to propose the previous Sunday at Bok Tower Gardens; however, he was thwarted by one of our weekend houseguests who overstayed his welcome and didn’t leave for his flight until later that afternoon/evening. I remember T being agitated and saying, “I wanted to take you out!” and couldn’t figure out why he was getting so worked up over a date that didn’t happen. I mean, I was flattered, but didn’t think it was the end of the world. Now it makes sense. But I like the way everything turned out. How he ended up proposing legitimately surprised me, and I think it was more indicative of our relationship, as we’re always teasing and talking shit to each other. (Incidentally, when the friend found out he derailed T’s proposal plan his response was, “Who even gets engaged on a Sunday?”)

After we got engaged, we began the giant, pain-in-the-ass process that is buying a house. While going through this process, we were spit-balling wedding ideas off each other, but with no real intention of seriously discussing anything until after we got our house locked in. They ran the gamut from everything to eloping, to getting married in California (where T is from and where his entire family lives), to doing a small courthouse wedding followed by a bigger reception at our new house. Two weeks before closing, we decided to elope. There were a few reasons for this. For one, we were about to buy a house, and our line of thinking was, sure we could save up $20K for a wedding, or we could save up $20K and remodel the kitchen down the line. Or the bathrooms. Or get new light fixtures. Or any of the 1,673,487,384 upgrades you do when you buy a house. Since our house is fuckin’ 80s style, I’d rather take the renovations. Equity, yo. 

We were also waiting to hear on a job T was going out for that would take him overseas for months at a time. The paperwork was being processed, and the company couldn’t give us a timeline as to when that all would be done. But when everything did clear, it would be go time. And we both wanted to be married before he left. Finally, I’ve been a bridesmaid in one too many weddings to see how expensive and stressful that shit can get. #thanksbutnothanks

We eloped two days after closing on our house, on June 9th. One of my best friends since middle school came down to serve as my witness, and one of T’s good friends came down to serve as T’s witness and our photographer. We hopped our happy asses on over to the Plant City courthouse in the afternoon, and then proceeded to take pictures in the sweltering hot Florida summer before heading back to our apartment for cake, wine, and beer. Then we Ubered it in to Tampa for a meal at Mise en Place before ending the night at The Independent.  It was honestly the best weekend: zero stress, hanging out with people I love, and getting married to the man of my dreams. T made an epic charcuterie board that we munched on all weekend. Our chocolate ganache Publix cake was delicious. I imbibed many fine spirits, and saw Watchmen for the first time. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. 

 Told you that charcuterie board was epic.
Told you that charcuterie board was epic.
 First look. I came out to  The New Day's theme song . T is holding tag team title belts. #powercouple
First look. I came out to The New Day’s theme song . T is holding tag team title belts. #powercouple

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