Half Marathon Training Week 2 & Champagne Problems

Since we’re in the midst of a long weekend, I decided I was long overdue for a mani/pedi, so I slapped some paint on these old houses:

They look good for a DIY job, huh? Except, PLOT TWIST: I went to a salon and got these done. It was a Groupon purchase, which, let me tell you, hasn’t been too good to me lately. The last Groupon I bought turned out to be for a shitty Brazilian steakhouse, and the other resulted in this weekend’s adventure. I bought a voucher for a deluxe manicure and pedicure with a paraffin treatment. I was in the salon two hours, only to come out thirty bucks lighter and with an overwhelming sense of shame and regret. The paraffin treatment wasn’t available, the nail techs were young and inexperienced, and I’m pretty sure they were fresh out of high school. My foot massage felt like a sad handjob, and I didn’t even get a massage for my manicure; the nail tech rolled up after about thirty minutes of waiting, slapped on polish and a top coat, stuck my hands under the fan and called it a day. Should I have complained? Eh, probably, but the whole ordeal took so damn long I just wanted to be out of there. Just learn from my mistake, okay? Read the reviews of a place before buying a Groupon voucher, and stay away from Sarita Spa in Kissimmee. #PSA

This week I wrapped up week two of half marathon training:

  • Monday: Rest Day
  • Tuesday: 1-mile recovery run (12’48” avg. pace)
  • Wednesday: Rest Day
  • Thursday: 1/2-mile tempo run (12’19” avg. pace)
  • Friday: CrossFit
  • Saturday: 4x400m speed run (10’57” avg. pace)
  • Sunday: Rest Day

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my pacing, although I did start off too fast on the speed run and was hurting by the last 400m interval. Ah, well, lesson learned. And since I don’t know how to end this post, I’m just gonna say, Happy Memorial Day. Anybody doing (or already completed) MURPH? Good luck and congrats! I’m planning to do a modified version tomorrow at my gym, and it’s gonna hurt so good. 




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