Introducing: Frag Chat With the Fragrance Chick


So, I started a podcast. That’s a thing. I wanted to give it a few episodes before I started cross-promoting it to make sure it was going to be something I stuck with and that I was a good “fit” for the platform. Well, the latter is questionable, but I’m in it for the foreseeable future because podcasting is fun, and I feel drained (in a good way) after running my mouth for half an hour.

My podcast is called Frag Chat With the Fragrance Chick, and, like the name implies, it’s a podcast all about perfumes. I don’t ever think I’ve really let it be known on my blog just how much I enjoy fragrance. I have been wearing it regularly since I was 19, and at last count, my collection was nearing 30 bottles (don’t judge me, it could be worse – I could be addicted to crack). I wanted a space where I could really nerd out about it, and I’ve been wanting to dabble in podcasting for awhile now, so I thought why not combine the two?

Some disclaimers: I am not in the fragrance industry because I’m not smart enough to do chemistry, and not creative enough to come up with innovative scents. So if you’re looking for an industry angle, you ain’t gonna find it here. I also won’t be going into minute detail about the chemical breakdown of the notes, or otherwise get super technical, because see the above about me and chemistry. I’m really just some chick who likes to smell good and talk about the scent she’s currently obsessing over, discuss some headlines fragrance is making in the news, and talk about things like how not to wear your perfume like an asshole. There also won’t be much overlap between the podcast and this blog, because, while I enjoy talking about perfume, I don’t enjoy writing about it so much. And while a podcast featuring me rambling about the random nonsense in my life may appeal to some, The Bitch Bible podcast has that covered, and is way more witty and funny than I could ever be. So there you have it. If you’re intrigued, and a low-budget operation doesn’t scare you away, new episodes come out every Thursday, and you can listen wherever you usually listen podcasts. If you listen on Apple podcasts, throw a bitch a rating and subscribe. BYEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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