Living in the 20s

Is anyone else tripping out over the fact that we’re all LIVING IN THE 20s? I know it’s not the 1920s, but it’s still a decade that will be referred to as the 20s. I think. How will we differentiate the 1920s from the 2020s? It’s messing with my head way more than I thought it would. My friend and I were talking about it at brunch yesterday, and she wondered if people in the 1920s were also confused about how they would differentiate between the 1920s and the 1820s. I said that, unlike us, they probably didn’t have as much free time to worry about stupid shit like that. Then the topic of conversation moved on to Amazon fashion. #Deep

ANYway, aside from being in a brand new decade that’s still up in the air as to how it will be referenced, we also face the inevitable resolutions that come with a new year. (I found this post detailing my 2019 resolutions and I’ll post an update as to how that all worked out.) This year, I’m doing something different. Instead of setting big, lofty, vague goals that I’m supposed to hold myself to all year, I’m setting smaller, intentional goals just for the month of January, with one of those goals having the option of being continued throughout the year if January goes well. While training for the St. Pete Run Fest 10K last fall, I found that when you’re truly intentional about a goal and achieve that goal, it feels really satisfying and motivates you to challenge yourself again. So that’s the approach I’m taking this year. Here are my January goals:

No booze.

This is listed as Betches’ most obnoxious New Year’s resolution, but to be honest, I need the break as I drank waaaaay too much last month. My husband was home for the holidays, so I thought it would be cool to get one of those beer advent calendars Costco sells and sample a different beer each day. And it was. But it also led to, “Let’s open a couple of loons!” then, “Let’s pop open that bottle of wine!” and, well…you get the picture. Weekends were free-for-alls where we’d go HAM on our personal stash or go brewery hopping if we wanted to get out. I was hungover more times during the month of December than I’d been all year, and I’m pretty sure the water content in my body had been replaced by 10% ABV craft beer stouts. A bitch needs a detox, is what I’m trying to say.

Meatless Fridays

I know Meatless Mondays rolls off the tongue and sounds nice and alliterative, but I’m Catholic, and I’m used to not eating meat on Fridays – even though I’m not currently practicing. The schedule was just pounded into my head from when I used to practice, so I figure, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The main reason why I’m doing this is to see if I can stick with it. There are also health benefits, but I’m hoping this will force me to get creative with my meal planning and try different recipes that I normally wouldn’t go for. To kick this one off, I decided to play around with tofu to see if there’s a way I can incorporate it into my diet, and have already found a go-to recipe: Homemade Vegan Crunchwrap Supremes. Even though I’m not vegan, I plan to include this in my regular recipe rotation because it is that good. If the idea of cashew queso makes you throw up in your mouth a little (along with the idea of eating tofu), trust and believe that when it’s all thrown together, it works. Just try it. This is the goal that I may extend all year long if January goes well.

Participate in the January Cure

This is a project hosted by Apartment Therapy designed to get your space refreshed by the end of the month. Each weekday you’ll get a “homework assignment” that can be done in an hour or less with the idea being that doing something small each day will ultimately help you achieve a space that is cleaner and more organized by January 31st. I had never heard of the January Cure before, but I saw an ad for it on Instagram and figured why not. It’s a great way to jump-start the year. Today’s project was to find a drawer or some small space that you can clean out and organize in 10 minutes or less. I decided to do my nightstand drawer. While I didn’t snap a “before” pic, I do have an “after” pic. Behold:

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

It’s not much, but decluttering that space did make me feel better. Even though we’re not that far into the new year, I’ve managed to keep to everything pretty well. I even survived said brunch yesterday without succumbing to bottomless mimosas! #growth

Here’s to a strong start to 2020. What are your resolutions?

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