[happy halloween!]

(source) Happy Halloween, you guys! Please remember to keep it safe, and avoid costumes that are racially insensitive or otherwise make you look like an asshole. Cheers! (source) (source)

[party snapshots]

Tomorrow I turn 30, but on Saturday I celebrated like I was turning 21. The intent was to do a pub crawl, but we only went to two places because we’re old and the second place served liquor and we had the upper room/party deck to ourselves away from the crowd (see again: old). Below…


So I know I’m a little late to the party in posting this, but IT’S OCTOBER! YAAAAAYYYY! October is one of my favorite months, and kicks off what I call the Trifecta of Holiday Magic, which occurs in October, November, and December. The Trifecta of Holiday Magic is my absolute favorite time of the year….

[birthday and halloween fun or that one time i got the plague]

For me, October has always been somewhat of a magical month. Growing up, I would be so excited when it finally rolled around: my parents would dust off their Halloween decorations, my friends and I would excitedly talk about and plan our costumes, the air would finally get a little cooler, and everything just seemed…